Hey there, I’m Susan aka the Montana Mom!

I’m happy you’ve found my corner of the internet and hope you stick around for awhile. Here you’ll find information on cloth diapers and baby wearing, reviews of things we enjoy, some quick and easy recipes, and stories about our lives.

Full disclosure: My house is never clean. My kids frequently resemble orphans. Finding matching socks is a major challenge each morning. I yell more than I should. Dinner comes from a box more often than I’d like. If you can relate, you’ll probably like it around here!

Who are we?

I’m a mom, a wife, and a teacher who is trying to hold it all together on the Montana prairie. Our little family is made up of myself, my husband, our two girls, two cats, and a dog. We live on my parents’ farm on top of a wind-swept hill.

Miss Mae (4.5) is our oldest and our constant whirlwind. She lives life with full force and enthusiasm and you always know when she’s in the house. The term “spirited child” was invented just for her. She loves books, cartoons, being outside, and engaging the rest of us in games of pretend.

Miss Mae and her parasol.

Our youngest, Bug (1.5), is shaping up to be a match for her older sister. She loves to explore everything in reach, playing with dolls, and music.

She made herself a chair.
She made herself a chair.

My wonderful husband is in many ways my exact opposite and perfect complement. We’ve been together in some way, shape, or form for 15 years now. His job at a local grain elevator keeps him busy. When he gets free time he likes being outside hunting, fishing, or boating and is an avid Packers fan.

Miss Mae and Daddy fishing.

I teach at a local school and have always been a voracious reader. Although, I’ve found that as a mom my hobbies and interests have changed a bit over the last few years. I have moved to podcasts and TV shows as my main form of entertainment. Someday I hope to start knitting and spinning again. I have an aversion to doing dishes and a Diet Coke habit that I probably should do something about.

Mom has to do what it takes to get ready for work!