Pass it on

There is a spot in my parents’ yard that I hold close to my heart. It’s a section of trees in their yard and it has, in my opinion, all the characteristics of a perfect fort. I spent many hours there as a kid. Most days I was elaborating on an ongoing story I was crafting. I was in another time and place and usually had no fewer than two imaginary sisters.


On a whim the other day, I showed Miss Mae that place. It’s not exactly the same now, of course, the grass is taller and the trees are more wild. But it still felt every bit as magical. She was excited to see “mommy’s fort” and wanted to stay and play. So I sat in the grass to watch my girl discover my special place and start to make it her own.

And it struck me, later as I thought about that moment, this is why we do what we do as parents. So we can pass on these moments and share our history. Watch it change, grow, and adapt with our children. It’s breathtaking to see it happen.


What are you going to pass on?

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